Soundtrack Task 2.1

Choose a film trailer to create your sound design for. You need to remove all of the original sound and replace with sound effects, dialogue, atmosphere and music that you have sourced or recorded. FIRSTLY you must plan what sounds you need AND record all your planning using industry quality documents such as storyboards, scripts, audio recording logs and release forms.

  • Write down and type up all dialogue. (when you record the sound you must time-code the best takes)
  • List every sound effect needed (you must find sound effects for each)
  • Write down ideas for music tracks (library, commercial, self-recorded)
  • Write down all atmosphere sounds you need to make the trailer more realistic
  • Create a sound design plan/ storyboard or shot list with detailed information on all audio needed.

Indicate the source you intend to use for each sound you need, (self-recorded in studio, self-recorded on location. Sourced from a sound bank, library music or commercial music). Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.


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